We applaud your decision to spend the time researching the best way to integrate a new dog into your household BEFORE you adopt.  Adding another species into our human world is often far more stressful for the animal than we realize, and we try to mitigate the stress as much as possible for the dog.  We also like to ensure a lifelong relationship that is based on successful communication between dog and human, with the understanding that we need to be able to find a way to speak a common language.  Our trainings are based on understanding how a dog behaves naturally, and using that to our advantage by communicating in a way that a dog effortlessly follows your lead.  Our classes are geared to empowering owners to handle issues that arise throughout a dog's life, as well as manage the specific behaviors that typically occur after adoption. We emphasis creating a happy, well-balanced, stable dog by recognizing their unique canine needs...and allowing our human expectations to be met as well in this relationship.

We have several training packages available to suit your needs. We highly recommend a package of two or three classes. Our most popular package includes three private classes, the first two of which occur at one of our foster homes, where you get the opportunity to work with our adoptable dogs. Typically, families use these two classes as a chance to interact with the dogs and determine which is the best fit for your home. Adoption would then occur after the second class. The third class would take place at your home after the adoption, giving you the opportunity to work with any issues that have occurred in the first week or two of adoption. We find that most people agree that having the behaviorist in their house directly working with the family and dog is a wonderful addition to the package. Classes can be spaced at our mutual discretion. Please note that you do not have to adopt a dog from AHAS to participate in our training packages. If you have specific questions, we would be glad to discuss them but find that speaking over the phone is a more efficient, direct way. You are welcome to call us at (484) 220-0418 at your convenience.


We offer training packages for families interested in improving  their dog's behavior and bettering their relationship with their dog.  Our classes enable owners to increase their dog's confidence and enhance the dog's socialization with other dogs and/or people.  We aim to create skilled human leaders with calm, submissive, stable dogs.  In the process, we address pre-existing behavioral issues, including aggression, resource guarding, and anxiety. 

Our training packages consist of several levels, depending on the degree of training needed.  Our most popular package consists of 3 private classes, specifically tailored to address each family's dynamics and pet's behavior history.  Regardless of your dog's previous behavior, we can help.  We can transform your dog, allowing you to enjoy your time with your pooch again. 

We specialize in teaching owners how to communicate with their dog in a manner that a dog instantly understands.  We want to encourage our dogs to follow our lead willingly and find that utilizing basic understanding of their canine psychology allows us to maximize our communication.  Dogs behave when we know how to ask them!  Let us teach you how to have a well-manner, happy, confident dog.

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