Our foster care program is an important and necessary part of AHAS. Fostering a dog or cat is the most direct way that you can help save a life. It is through foster care that we are able to provide dogs with a safe home, far away from the streets, abusive homes, or high kill shelters. Every foster home directly saves a dog, which in turn provides an opening at the essence, fostering saves two dogs lives, while it enriches the ours tremendously. Fostering is one of the most rewarding experiences in which one can participate, teaching valuable lessons and providing the opportunity to be a part of the solution. 

AHAS utilizes foster homes exclusively for our adoptable dogs. Fostering involves bringing an adoptable pet into your home and providing for the daily needs of that animal, until the pet is ready for their forever home. Every dog is integrated into a real life home situation, that allows us to better assess the dog, as well as prepare a dog for it's forever home. Foster homes are asked to care for the daily needs of a dog, typically providing toys, food, and basic supplies. AHAS is able to subsidize food and supplies if a foster home requires our help to be able to participate in the program. AHAS provides training to foster homes, asking prospective individuals to participate in our training program.


Foster homes are approved using the same process as that of adopters. We ask interested persons to fill out our online application, which can be found here. We will review your application and complete a home visit. We also mandate that all interested families participate in and graduate from our training program in order to take part in our foster program. Once the process is complete and a home has been approved, we will work with each individual family to find the proper fitting foster dog. We are happy to consider the specific needs and expectations of each home, placing a congruent foster dog. Whether you are interested in fostering big or small, male or female, young or old, we will match you with the right foster dog. We will prepare you to handle any behavioral issues and impart manners, confidence, and stability to your foster dog. AHAS will provide constant feedback and support throughout the process.


AHAS is thrilled to expand our foster network and would love to add qualified homes to our program. We find foster care an enriching and gratifying experience for all. Fosterships are an amazing opportunity to directly participate in saving an animal's life and contribute to forming a new vision of responsible pet ownership. We look forward to working together to make this program a beneficial stewardship for the animals in our care. Please contact us at 484.220.0418 or to further discuss the details.